Business Internet and Networks for Orlando and Central Florida
Mike can assist you with your internet setup. He can install your network router, printer, and get your computers online.

Business Networks – Wired and Wireless
Mike installs wired and wireless networks. Is your network or Wi-Fi not working, or slow? Mike is experienced and qualified to diagnose and repair any network problem.

Business Wireless Range Extenders
Sometimes your home or business is too large in square feet for the wireless signal range of your wireless router. This causes rooms that have little or no signal wi-fi signal reception. A wireless range extender can add additional wireless coverage areas to your home or business. Ask Mike about on-site installation in our local service areas.

Network Printer Installation
Mike can install or troubleshoot your printer. He can set up your printer on your network so that other computers and laptops can print. Has your printer suddenly stopped working? Sometimes the print jobs get stuck and the printer stops working, Mike can fix that.

Let Mike Troubleshoot Your Network Problem
Is your Internet slow or disconnecting constantly? Mike can come to your business to diagnose the problem. There can be many possible causes; a failing modem or router, poor cables, old equipment, unsecured wi-fi letting on unauthorized users, outdated slow internet plan, internet provider maintenance issues, or even viruses on your computers. Mike has the experience needed to properly diagnose the problem, and only sell you what you actually need.

Mike specializes in supporting entire business offices with computer maintenance, networking, and software support. If you have two office computers, or fifty, call Mike. Remote support anywhere in the US. On-site support in Orlando, Celebration, Clermont, Davenport, Four Corners, Kissimmee, Haines City, Winter Garden, and Central Florida. Call Business IT Consultant Mike Challis: (321)218-2866