Turbocharge Your Office Computers with a Solid State Drive Upgrade

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We specialize in business computer solid-state drive upgrades. We can upgrade your computer with a new SSD drive today. Your computer can perform up to 25 times faster. Contact us for a free quote: (321)218-2866.

Mike Says: “This is the upgrade every business should do right now to speed up your office computers. All new business computers I sell include an SSD right from the start. An SSD will improve start up speed, employee productivity, and extend the life of your computer.”

Mike Challis

What is a Solid State Drive anyway?

The hard drive is where all your programs and files are stored on the computer at all times. Solid State Drives (SSD) use integrated circuits to store data. As compared to the traditional mechanical disk Hard Drive, the SSD does not require any moving parts. Hence, wear and tear is minimal. SSD delivers incredible performance, its main selling point. The new technology renders speeds that can be up to 250 times faster than the traditional HDD read/write speeds.

SSD Upgrade: Why replace your Hard Drive with an SSD?

Instant Performance: SSD equipped computers will boot in less than a minute, and often in just seconds. Traditional hard drives can take several minutes to fully boot.

Reliability: SSD uses solid-state microchip flash memory to store data, which provides better performance and reliability over a traditional hard drive.

No More Fragmentation: SSD technology does not fragment your data, it has a built-in TRIM command technology that keeps it performing optimally. Traditional hard drives fragmented data and slow down considerably over time.

No More Noise:  SSD drives do not emit any noise. Traditional hard drives emit noises while operating.

Shock Resistance: The SSD has no moving parts, this makes it shock resistant. Traditional hard drives frequently fail in laptops that get bumped around.

Less Heat and Power Usage:  SSD typically uses 25 times less power and runs cooler than a traditional hard drive. Your laptop battery will last longer between charges with an SSD.

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